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“The whole ethos around 2PTs is just to get you started in any way possible so that you realise just how powerful exercising outdoors can be"


The two PT’s are Gail Penman and Douglas Colquhoun.  We met while working at Pure Gym and for quite sometime have wanted to collaborate on a project.  A huge amount of work was going on in the background as we both felt that the location had to be perfect for a bootcamp.  We also felt it was important for it to be a private area with facilities and parking.  Also, because of the current climate covid safe was a priority.  When GHA, Rugby Club became available in the heart of our local community we knew it was the right place and the rest as they say is history.


We both have the same ethos around physical exercise and believe that it should be hard, you will be pushed out your comfort zone but will have fun.  You will need to get used to Douglas’s cheesy tunes.  But more than that we also believe that exercise is amazing for your mental health, confidence and wellbeing.  A bonus is that the group exercise gives you the choice to socialise and meet new friends.

   Whether you are totally new to exercise or looking to build your fitness.

We both struggled with fitness and confidence. With the right coaching that was turned around and fitness became a huge part of our lives.  Both deciding to completely change our career paths and use that passion to help others.  You will always feel comfortable and supported in our bootcamp.

We are looking forward to working with you.  This is our first launch but look out for more to come.

Very exciting times.


What makes this one a little different to the others that have popped up recently:


Completely private rugby pitch in the prestigious GHA rugby club


Private onsite facilities for your use




Recognising that their original bootcamp class might have fitness newbies feeling daunted, Gail and Douglas have devised a ‘Couch to Bootcamp’ programme, starting on August 2, to help participants of all abilities realise their true potential.


 “The reality is if you’re a bit heavier or you’ve sat down for the whole of the pandemic then you might not even know how to squat.

“The difference is in this Bootcamp is we’ll do masterclasses to make sure you’re learning these  new skills.

“You might feel nervous, but Douglas and Gail will stand there and do it with you so you instantly have a buddy.

"We’ll show you how to do these movements with proper form to keep you safe.

“If you can push yourself on the field, you can take that feeling with you for the rest of the week and think ‘I am valuable, I am worth it’ and hold your head high."That’s why we do what we do.” Come along and join Couch to Bootcamp, you won't regret it. 


Now to the actual boot camp a few things you will probably want to know:


this will suit any level of fitness, all exercises can be adjusted. So, if this is your first time thinking of exercise don't worry, we are here to support you. If however you are fit and want to get even fitter, we are here to push you to your limit.

Because of our years of experience, we will write and tailor all programmes carefully to ensure that all the exercises can be adapted to suit every fitness level.

it is a boot camp and is in a field it will sometimes get muddy, but that is half the fun


come prepared to work hard with people who will support you and maybe even go for a cheeky wee drink after



All details below on prices and how to join...




Can't wait to meet you and start smashing your goals.



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